Issuance Platform

The Cryptosx issuance plat­form is a proven, full-stack tech­nol­o­gy solu­tion for issuers of dig­i­tal secu­ri­ties. Every fea­ture has been devel­oped based on our cus­tomers’ needs, mak­ing the Cryptosx plat­form the most mar­ket-aware solu­tion avail­able today.


Regulatory Certainty

Licensed in the Philippines by CEZA as an Offshore Virtual Currency Exchange under CEZA FTSOVC Regulation. Regulated and approved exchange to list the first Digital Asset Token Offering (DATO) approved by CEZA and ABACA in the Philippines.



Raise capital from an expanded pool of investors with innovative financial products designed to fully utilize the benefits of truly digital securities. Divide your security tokens in ways traditional securities can’t.

From Issuance to Trading

Fundraise with Cryptosx’s Tokenization Technology

Offering fully regulated STO under CEZA and ABACA from sponsoring to offering. We make it easy for you to launch a digital security.

Our full-stack techonology solutions streamline the process of capital raising to allow faster time to market. Built-in programmatic ownership restrictions, you can sell private securities to a global pool of investors while allowing a liquid secondary market to develop.


Success Stories

In partnership with Flourish City Development Limited (FCD),
Cryptosx leveraged blockchain technology to offer new investment opportunities in the biotechnology market that have historically been subject to huge penalties associated with illiquidity discounts.

  • First Regulated Asset-Backed Token in Asia
  • Creates broader investor base
  • Expedites settlement time

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How to launch an STO

A Hypothetical STO Case Study

FED Token
Type :
General release:
120,000,000 FED
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Financing Real Estate Development with STO

See how your business can benefit from Cryptosx's digital security primary issuance and lifecycle management platform and protocol.

Traditional funding methods for real estate developments aren’t always ideal. Lending is expensive and may be challenging to secure. Bringing Real Estate Funds on board usually implies conceding control of the development, and courting individual investors with an illiquid investment can be problematic.

How STOs solve the problem?

  • Access to global capital markets without sacrificing control
  • Reduce operational costs and complexity
  • Manage cap table on the blockchain
  • Regulatory compliant with securities laws
Tokenized Assets

Key Benefits

Tokenized assets transform the capital formation process by automating costly compliance requirements through a transparent & immutable ledger.


Cost Reduction


Fractional Ownership


Rapid Settlement


Automated Compliance

Investor Portal

Battle-Tested Primary Offerring and Secondary Trading Platform

A secure, stable web-based solution that safeguards all digital exchange data by layered architecture providing enhanced security protocol for all customer assets. Fully customizable offerring profiles and more.



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